IEMT - Integral Eye Movement Therapy


IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy)

Integral eye movement therapy is a brief process for permanently changing undesired, unhelpful feelings about the past and the self. Techniques address how the client learned to feel the way they do, as well as how they learned to be the way they are, thus bringing about rapid change. In essence releasing the emotions that are connected to the memories and prevent forward movement and being present. Integral eye movement therapy (IEMT) is a psychotherapy model that aims to reduce intense negative emotional states. In this model, the client is asked to recall and maintain a negative image of an event that was experienced in the past. Meanwhile, the practitioner asks the client to move the eyes in specific directions and axis. The typical outcome of IEMT is the reduction of negative emotions with an event or an image in mind. Integral Eye Movement Technique is a rapid change work tool used in therapy for anxiety, depression and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).When we are affected negatively by our memories, this can change our whole outlook on life, leaving us stuck to that part of life for what may possibly be a long time. In fact, in some cases, when memories do not fade they can even become stronger and sometimes possibly reconstructed due to them being revisited so often.

 IEMT is successfully conducted via video call in the comfort of your own home or space.

If a person can’t change because they don’t know how to , they can become locked in a pattern in IEMT that is referred to as patterns of Chronicity. This can reflect a training need rather than a therapy need.  IEMT incorporates training the client in techniques to help them affect change. Negative emotional imprinting occurs when a person has an event with high intensity of emotional distress and the hippocampus registers a memory that is highly associated with a Fight or Flight response from the amygdala. Thus programming our ability to be able to reflect upon the incident without emotional trauma or conflict, and creating a painful memory that may then serve as an emotional template or map for all related and interconnected experiences and events. This emotional template then forms the emotional set for the individual for these experiences and events. Identity imprinting occurs throughout life and is constantly evolving and changing. Some aspects of identity are attributed neurologically but mostly occur as a feedback response to the environment. A pattern of chronicity is a behavioural pattern that serves to defend the problem from therapeutic change. These patterns can be readily discovered through simple linguistic analysis of the ways in which the client expresses him/her self. Whilst a therapeutic process aims at helping the client solve the problem, the client may experience it as a threat to the elements of his/her identity structure. As a result, the patterns of chronicity allow the client to avoid involvement in the change process or even to sabotage it. IEMT can be used as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, and EFT.

IEMT is particularly effective for anxiety, depression, PTSD, guilt, or any other emotional or identity issue.  Eye movement therapies are believed to be particularly effective for reducing the emotional impact of intrusive imagery and flashbacks, so that the imagery becomes far less disturbing. IEMT works on memory imprints that are causing the emotion. It does not work on the emotion alone, but on the basis of removing negative emotions from memories with the use of eye movements to create change. The memories remain of course, however, as the eyes are moved in certain rhythmic sequences, by following the practitioners finger movements, the positioning of that memory changes and therefore the emotion attached to that memory also changes.

IEMT can be used for:

Self Esteem  - Anxiety - Shame - Regret - Anger - Guilt - Stress

Self belief - PTSD  - CPTSD -  Self worth - Frustrations - Depression

Self worth  -  Remorse

And other emotionally connected traumatic memories.




IEMT therapy differs from other eye movement therapies in that the therapist precisely calibrates which axis to move the client’s eyes through, rather than a random or basic left-right movement, enabling exploration to be precise and change to occur rapidly. After having had this therapy, clients may well experience a new found freedom from the release of negative emotions. Being attached to past trauma can be harrowing, causing long lasting self limiting beliefs within the psyche. This therapy also includes work on identity of the self – exploring what has happened in the past in relation to where they are right now. This  facilitates clarity and focus, making the mind much quieter and happier. It also allows for better decision making and goal setting for a brighter future. The main focus on IEMT is the client does not have to relive the trauma for it to work, simply recall it for a connective understanding is enough.

Recently the American Holistic nurses association has approved IEMT as a recognised therapy.


I am a member of the association for IEMT practitioners and  work within their ethical framework you can find my details on their website.

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