As a Reiki Master Therapist, Phiona has worked with healing energy for over 30 years, and honed and adapted the essence to be able to share worldwide via video link along with in person sessions. However much of the energy work is now done over video connection, so you can be comfortable in your own space without having to get up from your relaxed space after a session and allow the energy to continue to shift and absorb. Phiona has trained myself over time to be able to connect to the remotes of places working with energy and sending it far afield to reach those of seeking and request.

Reiki has its origins in Eastern culture and has long been adapted to suit that of the western world, embraced within hospitals and hospices where it is seen as beneficial to terminal and cancer palliative care patients. Reiki has been shown to be more effective than placebo at easing anxiety, pain and depression. In fact it has been shown to boost the quality of life and self esteem especially in people with long term conditions. It can also support mental health wellbeing when combined with other therapy or upon its own application

Reiki can relieve emotional distress and soothe the mind and body especially when they are in conflict with each other. Helping to relax and distress the physical aspect within the muscles and body. It is of particular support to PTSD and trauma and can be a somatic release to where trauma is held within the body. Some clients have shown to have profound energy release and to be able to hold a more balanced way of life after Reiki therapy as a course of healing.

Reiki works upon the same meridian flow points as acupressure, acupuncture and EFT, releasing the flow of Chi, allowing the body to harness its optimum essence for life flow and wellbeing. As a recognised and accredited holistic modality, it supports not only the body but the mind also easing the root causes of issued you may be experiencing. It compliments traditional medicine and other therapies.

Healing energy can work particularly well with:

Anxiety                  Stress               Insomnia          Fears                Menopause

Unrest                    Exhaustion       Grief                Trauma   PTSD

Pain Management          Migraines and headaches         Emotional 


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You will need to book an Initial assesment of 90 minutes before further  sessions can be booked.

Initial Assesment

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Mindful Moments initial assessment lasts for 90 minutes and is a detailed assessment of your individual circumstances, emotional issues. An initial assessment  must be booked prior to sessions.

Block of four sessions

Block session can only be booked after your initial assessment.

A block of four sessions of 60 minutes per session over a duration of four weeks.

Single top up sessions

Top up sessions

A top up session can support further healing and the release of emotions and stored trauma and maintaining the healing journey.

Insight Calls

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