Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy

We live in a world full of colours, through the seasons and the filters of light, to our own favourite colour and even how we dress and wear colour in our everyday life. Yet it is often overlooked as one of the simplest yet affective therapies for wellbeing of body and mind. Surrounding the self with colours that bring about a healing effect is so important and is something that once guided is easily done for the self and applied when it is required for that extra lift. It is long understood of the ancient energy channels that the body holds in its physical form, the meridians that is observed within ancient culture of Eastern wellbeing, that colour holds a significant effect to mental mindset and well being when applied in a therapy setting. Something that has been overlooked in our modern Western society.

Did you know that the colours that you avoid say a lot about your mental and physical health and the traumas still embedded in the physical form? That your favourite colour holds a bearing to your wellbeing and positive mindset? That the colours in-between your favourite and the ones avoided all hold a map of your equilibrium in your body? Even the colours of seasons and your preferences for those seasons holds answer to your mental health and strength. Identifying these is so important and a significant beginning to being able to balance the body through out. Holding the secret key of releasing and unlocking stored emotions and habits that may consume you from living your life fully.

Colour therapy or Chromatherapy (as it is also known) works with the seven spectrums of light which varies in wavelength and activates the body’s own healing ability. As a child our first learning processes are stimulated by colour. Think for a moment if I say the word happy, what colour do you associate with it? If I say the word angry, again what colour comes to mind? And peace, what do you immediately equate as a colour of peace? We all associate colour to many things around us in the world, emotions, state of mind, health and happiness. By aligning the colours to ourselves and personalising the colour spectrum for our own wellbeing we can heal within colour. Stabilising the mind and body and supporting its optimum growth.

Finding your own colour palette that is unique to you at this moment in time can enhance and support your mental health, your physical wellness, and wellbeing. The palette changes as we grow, heal and overcome traumas, colours that you felt drawn to years ago may have an adverse reactive recoil in you today, sitting and working with a colour therapist can really be life awakening and also support the changes in the self that you are wishing to make.

Colour therapy can be a standalone therapy or compliment other therapies to deepen their healing ability and in bringing peace to the senses and mind. It can involve colours as materials, or lights to influence the human reception of the light therapy itself. Colour therapy can have a positive physical, physiological and psychological effect on one the body and mind and human behaviour in helping to balance the body. Colour therapy can stimulate the basic energy processes in the mitochondria of each cell within the body. 

Physically colour therapy can support and encourage the body to heal, overcome and balance in the following ways:

The colour red is - Warming 

The colour Blue is - Cooling  - Calming effect on allergies and acne  -  Antispasmodic effect on muscles 

The colour Green can  support: Relaxes muscles - Relieves redness - Helps fade skin discolouration 

The colour of yellow can support the body in :Helps to smooth skin – Relieving inflammation -

Eases headaches and fevers - Normalises sebum and can also be - Anti-ageing 


Physiologically colour therapy can support and encourage the body to heal, overcome and balance in the following ways:

The colour yellow can: Promotes production of new collagen 

Red can: Increased blood flow and cell regeneration - Stimulate improving functioning of immune, lymphatic, nervous and vascular systems 

The colour blue may: Reduces swelling  - Helps elimination of toxins - Normalises sebum production 

The colour green can affect: The Speed of lymphatic drainage  - Strengthens immune & endocrine systems  - Blocks tyrosinase the enzyme that signals the production of melanin therefore can help freckles and pigmentation fade 

And lastly the colour yellow: Can Improve memory functioning and ability to concentrate  


Psychologically colour therapy can support and encourage the mind to heal, find balance and peace in the following ways:

The colour blue has been shown to: Eases Insomnia 

Yellow can: Helps with lifting depression 

The colour red can: Energise 

The colour green has been shown to: Calm the emotions - Promotes creativity linked to the Heart 

Blue in colour has been shown in :Facilitate understanding , promotion of voice and truth

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