We live in a world full of aroma, the mind is filled with scents and smells to bring about wellbeing and also protection and safety. We are born with a natural sense of smell, that not only provides the brain with information about our environment, but also the dangers within it, or the sense of peace and relaxation. We can smell if food has gone off or may cause us physical harm. We can detect fire, smoke, gas and know instantly that we maybe in harm’s way if we do not take immediate action. The olfactory has developed over millions of years and adapted to a modern world, giving important messages from the senses to activate the brain and its reaction. Aromatherapy is a science and art form as well as an ancient therapy for the wellbeing and recovery of mind and body. It is believed that Aromatherapy works with the smell receptors and sends signals to the nervous system to elicit change and healing, possibly activating the limbic system and balancing emotions.

Often we are reminded of a time, place or person by the scent, taking us back to a time past or of childhood, maybe occasionally to traumatic events and circumstance. Today aroma is used to balance, alleviate pain, support environments and nurture the physical self. Whether it is in a bath, in the application of bespoke blends, in balms, creams, room diffusers, sprays or oils. The application of aromatherapy is wide and versatile to reach the depths of the mind as a mental health support, a companion for sleep and harmony or to balance the delicate line of mind and body.

Phiona qualified as an aromatherapist in 2005 and finds a way to bring aromatherapy into her everyday life. Utilising the natural plant extracts to promote health and wellbeing, Aromatherapy can be used as its own therapy or combined with other therapies to support and bring about change and healing. It has many applications, and is created bespoke for the client’s needs and requirements, tailored made to adapt to changes and the body’s healing as it heals. It is a wonderful accompaniment for mental health and anxiety, bringing calm and relaxation to a mind that is full of trauma and blocks. It has been shown that aromatherapy can help in the recovery of depression and PTSD.

Aromatherapy can help wide ranging health conditions and mental states including:

Long term health conditions    Fight infections (Viral, fungus or bacteria)

Improve digestion      headaches / migraines  Reduce stress and anxiety

Manage pain     Improve sleep              Improve wellbeing

Support healing from injury     Improves mood   Skin and rejuvenation

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